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Bajau People

The Sama people may be quite challenging to classify. A number of the Sama people live beneath the poverty level. Religion also plays a significant part in social organization. The Islamic religion is rather difficult to influence.

For a lot of the Bajau, fishing is the main source of livelihood. It is the main activity. It is the most important part of their lives as it’s both the way they provide food for themselves, and how they gather goods to sell.

Houses usually consist of one room, raised on stilts a couple of meters over the floor or high-water mark. The floating house is created with felled tree and is made up of a little room with a ceiling. New houses are usually built near the family of the bride.

Unfortunately, for a number of them, their traditional lifestyle is currently under threat and they’re gradually disappearing. After all, their harsh and standard method of life needs to be told. Some Bajau people believe that it isn’t feasible to continue their traditional means of life.

The children don’t have any chance to visit school, so there aren’t any future prospects for them. “he or she will just die because we will not be able to feed it. A few of the children also adapt to an aquatic lifestyle from an extremely young age.


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