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Female Anatomy

Basically, humans have an attractive body shape.From the surface we usually call the skin to the part that support our life. Many scientists who have done various researches to study the function of organs from human.Banyak things that have been discovered until this century , from disease prevention to disease itself.

Women have a body anatomy that must be different from men, ranging from kulinya average has a tendency more subtle than men.Banyak also who have studied to do research on the organs and organs of the body, Of course, the internal organs are not different from men.Di the outside which greatly distinguishes it.

The beauty of the female body shape is very functioning to find a partner, of course, men also have different tastes to women. In outline or average men choose women who have beautiful faces and have an ideal body. Interesting here is or almost can be called taste in making love.
But in the end the spouse is not only from the face or body shape, but from the fit and able to live and accompany you for the rest of your life. So do not mind if he is ugly or does not have a beautiful body, which he would want to accompany in the rest of your life, then that’s your soul mate.



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