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How To be Parents ?

As humans, of course we will go through various stages in life, from childhood, adolescence until we become adults and step into the next stage of life. Nothing that can prevent us to achieve all our dreams and happiness, of course it takes a determination that is unanimous and unyielding in reaching all our dreams.
Currently let me discuss a little how my experience became a parent who wants the best for our child.

Currently I have one boy who is 15 years old, I feel there is a mistake in my child’s upbringing, this is because not so close my son to me, he is so closed to me,
Sya realize this is not bleh let, I realize my mistake and I want to fix it,
In his growth there may be many things I can not give to my child, and maybe too quickly I get angry, causing his current he is not close to me.

I started reading on the internet how I could improve my relationship with my child, be a good friend, or get trust from my child.
And gradually began to work, I began to understand that being a parent does not have to make our children like us, they have our own character we must give their full support, as long as it is positive.
Anger is not the real choice that I am aware of right now is wisdom and give understanding to them when they do little negative things.
And the important thing is to be able to be an example for our child.

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