Samsung announces Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear pricing in the UK

By | September 8, 2013

samsung gear note 3 price

Samsung’s latest and greatest, the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear are available for pre-order from the Samsung Experience Store on a special web-site and is also offering a special promotion for the first 500 customers that pre-order both.

The Galaxy Note 3 can be pre-ordered for a whopping £649 ($1,014). Galaxy Gear can be had for an equally oppressive £299 ($467). If you are dying to get both devices, you can pre-order both for £848 ($1,325), saving you £100.

Those prices are stratospheric compared to the retail pricing we are seeing in the US. Verizon has the Note 3 listed at $699 full retail, AT&T, $724. Neither of the carriers have Galaxy Gear listed separately, but Verizon offers an off-contract package of the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear for $999, suggesting a $300 price for Samsung’s new watch.

Buying directly from Samsung offers you unbranded, unlocked devices, so that is part of the premium. Still, To ease the pain of value proposition, Samsung is offering the first 500 people to pre-order both devices from Samsung’s Experience Store at Westfield Stratford a £50 discount if they also trade in their old device. The old device can be in any condition, working or not working.

If you are willing to own Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear, click here and get your pre-order in before September 24th.

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